ME Live Residents & Fellows Poster Contest

MillennialEYE would like to extend this priority invitation to residents/fellows to attend the 2018 ME Live meeting, being held in Austin, Texas, September 7–9, 2018. 

In Austin, the future leaders in ophthalmology will convene for this unique meeting experience, designed exclusively for millennial-minded surgeons. Featuring a high level of digital interactivity, social media use, and audience participation, ME Live promotes opportunities for education, interaction, and networking among peers and industry alike—in an environment tailored to this innovative demographic. 

To facilitate this educational opportunity, MillennialEYE is offering support to the first 60 US and Canadian resident and fellow applicants who qualify and submit a poster to the ME Live Residents & Fellows Poster Contest. 

The Details

A total of 60 support opportunities are available for US and Canadian residents and fellows who qualify and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. ME Live will be accepting 30 applications from returning Residents/Fellows who successfully qualified and attended the ME Live meeting last year, and 30 applications from Residents/Fellows who have never before attended ME Live. Please note, you must be a current medical student, resident, or fellow at the time of the meeting (September 7–9, 2018) to qualify. When applying, please click the appropriate link below.

What's Covered

Each applicant who is awarded support will receive the waiver of his/her registration fee to attend the meeting, two nights’ hotel accommodations at the JW Marriott Austin (or an alternative hotel in close proximity based on availability) on Friday and Saturday night September 7–9, and a $200 travel stipend toward travel expenses. Hotel accommodations will be made by ME Live.  The foregoing support will be awarded to the first 60 residents/fellows (30 new and 30 returning) who successfully complete and accept the terms of the poster contest application below.

In order to apply for support, you are also required to complete and accept the terms of the poster contest as follows:

  • Complete the “ME Live Resident/Fellow Poster Competition Submission” form below 
  • You must complete all application fields, including contact, current practicing status and specialty, number of years in practice, along with the required poster information
  • Please READ CAREFULLY and accept the Terms and Conditions below
  • You must you must be a current medical student, resident, or fellow at the time of the meeting (September 7–9, 2018) to qualify for this support
  • Submit your original poster, including but not limited to research on one of the following categories: Cataract Surgery, Refractive Surgery, Cornea, Glaucoma, Presbyopia, Ocular Surface Disease, or Posterior Segment  
  • Upon successfully completing and accepting the terms of the application, if you are one of the first 60 applicants, you will immediately receive an email confirming our receipt of your application. Upon ME Live reviewing and confirming your application is in compliance with the online application/submission requirements, you will promptly be notified via a follow up email with further details relating to your receipt of one of the 60 Residents/Fellows support packages. The Residents & Fellows Poster Contest and Support Application link below will remain active until all 60 support grants are awarded
  • You are required to provide a valid credit card as part of the application process. No charges will be placed on your card; however, a valid credit card is required in the event you cancel your participation and attendance at the meeting as a support recipient outside of the cancelation period in which case, your card will be charged a cancellation fee of $600 (approximately the equivalent of the cost of the cancelation of your two-night hotel stay)
    • Please Note: An authorization fee will appear; debit card users, be aware these funds may temporarily be deducted from your account.

Additional Details Relating to Your Poster Submission

  • Poster submission and presentation are ALL DIGITAL; no physical poster is required
  • The top 3 poster winners, as selected by the ME Live Program Chairs, will be asked to present their posters on Friday evening, September 7, during the Poster Toast Opening Reception, where the presenters will be individually recognized
  • The top 10 posters will be featured in the ME Live meeting app
  • The top 10 poster winners will be notified by September 1 (with the top 3 notified and asked to be prepared to present during the Poster Toast Opening Reception) 
  • Meeting feedback and reviews via the meeting app are appreciated by residents and fellows in attendance
  • For poster submission, all that is required is the text inputted in the fields below; the ME Live team will then input this text into a poster template for the top 10 submissions
  • Please submit text only, as indicated above; if a poster is to include images/videos, the top 10 submissions will be contacted directly for these materials
  • Residents and fellows who receive this support must agree to attend ALL sessions of the meeting on Saturday and Sunday including the wetlab sessions on Sunday morning. Your attendance will be recorded at all sessions, and failure to attend all sessions will result in the forfeiture of your travel stipend support in the amount of $200, along with the cost of your 2-night hotel stay, which will be charged to your credit card. The $200 travel stipend support check will be distributed to recipients immediately following the Sunday morning session


The Poster Contest and Support Application deadline is July 1 or until the available 60 support packages are awarded, whichever occurs first.
For questions, please contact Kimberly at
Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to you joining us in Austin this September! 

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