Faculty Resources

Thank you for taking part in MillennialEYE Live. Please read the following details on presentation design, file upload, and media release.

Presentation Guidelines, Upload, and Media Release

Points of Contact

Presentation Topic/Content
Callan Navitsky

Technical Questions
Drew Potter

Submission Deadline

Friday, August 30, 2019 at 11:59 PM Eastern

Design Guidelines

Aspect Ratio We present all content in High Definition. Please build your presentations with a 16x9 aspect ratio, a.k.a. “Widescreen” format.
File Naming Please use the following convention for naming your file:
Last Name-First Word of Presentation Title
e.g. Smith-Advancements.pptx
Videos If your presentation has video slides, please also submit the video files separately, using the same file submission process.

Additional Info

Note: A speaker timer will be visible from podium. This timer shows a green light and counts down your remaining time. At 1 minute remaining of your scheduled duration, the light will change to yellow. When time is up, the timer light will turn red and count up to indicate how long you are going over time. Out of respect for your fellow faculty, please keep these timings in mind, and plan to wrap up in the allotted time for your talk.

We will notify you upon successful download and testing of your presentation. Likewise, we will contact you if we encounter any issues.

To ensure the highest quality and stability, all presentations will be projected from high quality computers provided by our production company. The podium will not have a laptop connection. Please notify us in advance if for any reason you may not be able to comply with this arrangement and may require the use of your own personal equipment.

Please make appropriate arrangements to turn in any updated versions of your presentation in accordance with the delivery options set forth in these guidelines. We preload and pretest your presentations as well as any updated versions, especially in the case of videos. This is essential in order to minimize production difficulties and optimize presentation and discussion time. Further, we ask that all presenters adhere to the allocated timeline for each presentation and anticipate the inclusion of discussion time for each topic.

If necessary, BMC and/or Avenue Live may alter the presentation to ensure its successful delivery. BMC and/or Avenue Live will not change the content itself without the presenter’s knowledge and permission.

We suggest not using automatic advance in your presentations, but rather manual advance. We will provide remote advancers at the podium.

Last-minute attempts to submit or change your presentation not only jeopardizes the successful delivery of your presentation, but also impacts the delivery of the entire program. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

To request a consultation on the general design or delivery of your presentation, please contact Avenue Live.

MillennialEYE Live Presentation Submission and Media Release